Hello again. It’s been five weeks since I last posted, by far the longest hiatus I’ve taken from my blog since I began writing.

I’ve missed it. I’ve sat down quite a few times to write but have only succeeded in penning a few sloppy sentences… Have you ever had a time in your life in which you’ve been tugged in every direction and it’s too overwhelming to try to hold yourself upright, or even to discern top from bottom, and so you just give yourself over to all the currents, surrender to the rise and fall of it all until the waters finally calm? That was my May.

Not that I’m complaining. To be clear, all the tugging was several commitments I willingly made, things I wanted to follow through with. Big, important things. I knew I would be overwhelmed, that there was no way to survive it all intact without giving myself over to the flux and chaos that is the inevitable outcome of taking on more than I should. But, as is often the case when a few big, important things knock at the same time, I wanted to rise to meet the opportunities more than I wanted to preserve my sanity – at least in the short term…

Now that I’m on the other side, I’m proud of what I managed to accomplish in just one month (Largest event of my career! Online journalism course through Cardiff University taught by the renowned Richard Sambrook! New website (almost done)! An out-of-state move!) – and I’ve regained enough sanity to realize it was not the sort of whirlwind that should be repeated. Because the real big, important things aren’t any of my exclamatory accomplishments; they’re my health and my personal relationships and taking time to scrunch my toes into the grass.

I am, in fact, scrunching my toes into the grass as I write this.

Which brings me to that bit I mentioned up above about the move: I’m writing to you from my new, grassy, tree-lined, bird-filled backyard in Salt Lake City, Utah. So I am, not only figuratively but also literally, on the other side.

It’s different here. Quieter. Calmer. The people aren’t in a hurry. And no matter where I am in the city, I can see the Wasatch Mountains rising into the sky – a constant reminder of the reasons I moved here: to work less and live more, to forego keeping up with the Joneses in favor of getting in touch with nature, to prioritize what makes me happy over what makes me money.¬†And, yes, to preserve my sanity more consistently.

This is only my third day here, so everything is still awash in newness and possibility – it hasn’t been long enough for any of the shine to wear off. Which is just fine by me. I’ve been through a lot of breaks and repairs these past few years – I feel blessed to be living in the shiny and new for a while.

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