Who do you write for?

A certain blue-eyed muse asked me this recently. It’s worthy of sharing with you, because the answer is why this blog exists.

I’d like to say with utmost truth and certainty that I write for you. But I don’t; I write for me.

It didn’t occur to me when I started writing that I would have an audience. The first time I put pen to paper, I surprised myself; I was uncomfortable seeing my own words on paper – I certainly wasn’t¬†writing for an audience.

So if I’m not writing for you, why am I sharing it with you?

Because I realized we are all perpetual works in progress and we all feel better when we know we’re not alone. Because sometimes a few lines of laughter, comfort, hope or energy is all we need to stand up, saddle up and keep going. It’s my little way of promoting community and connection in the world. That part is for you, or, more accurately, for us.

So – the writing is for me, the sharing is for you. I would write whether you read it or not.

Does that make you feel less special? Or offended? Are you scoffing right now and telling yourself you won’t read along anymore? Okay, that’s fine too. Just read a few more lines since you’re already here…

Ask yourself these questions: Who are you writing (or dancing or driving or working) for? Don’t you want to be living your own life on your own terms? Isn’t that the point of this whole thing? Isn’t doing anything else less than living? The phrase is (oh no, she’s gonna say it again) Live Your Verb. Not Live Someone Else’s Verb. And that includes your parents, your spouse, your kids and your boss.

The moment you begin doing it – whatever your it happens to be – for someone else, you’ve lost yourself. The moment I start writing for you, I’ve lost myself again. I write what I feel and see in the world. And I hope you like it, I do. But if you don’t, it’s still my truth, my life, my words. Shouldn’t you be strong enough to say the same to anyone who asks you to do differently?¬†Live your way, live in your own time, live life with those who love you for just that: being yourself, boldly and bravely.

I write for me. If you read, read for you.

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Remember, share is a verb too.