Do you remember good deeds? Do you remember the idea of doing one each day?

When I was a kid, it was a commonplace term that I heard the grownups toss around: “I gave my neighbor a ride to the airport, so I’ve done my good deed today.” “Go help your cousin with his homework and that will count as your deed for the day.”

Where have all the good deeds gone? I came across the term after I’d fallen down a Google rabbit hole this morning and I thought, ‘wow, I can’t remember the last time I heard that.’

Many of us are doing good deeds and simply not calling them as such, or not pointedly checking them off our daily to-do lists. I know many fine Openers-of-Doors-for-Others and Helper-Outers and Guidance-Givers, so I know there are good deeds being done, accepted, thanked and celebrated.


Let’s do more; let’s start each day asking ourselves how we can put more warmth, laughter, empathy and joy into the world.

Let’s make good deeds a priority again: let’s put them on our to-do lists and treat them like our other important tasks. Because they are important; they’re the substance of this life we’re living.

So make them happen. Daily.


PS – I’m not the only one who wants to revive the idea of the Good Deed for the Day. There is an annual celebration of this very thing, called Good Deeds Day. The next one is March 15, 2015 – mark your calendars.


How will you do a good deed each day? Tell me.


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