“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

- F. Scott Fitzgerald


The white curtain of winter will be falling soon, yet I’m still mesmerized by my first fall in Utah. The aspen trees have turned a vivid yellow, and the sun slips away before dinner is on the table. When it gets a little windy, the leaves pull away from the trees and dance a quick-step through the air until they settle upon the grass. I’ve already unpacked my sweaters and scarves to fend off the crisp morning temperatures.


This is my first time experiencing fall as a living metamorphosis of Mother Nature rather than just a flip of the calendar; we didn’t really have fall in Southern California. And despite the chill and the shorter days that hint at the long winter just ahead, I enjoy seeing the trees and grasses changing¬†from green to golden,¬†the flowers folding into themselves.

20140914_170737It’s a reminder that all this life is cyclical, nothing is permanent.

It’s a reminder to enjoy the colors at their most vivid – so that when they fade, we will miss them with a bittersweet sentimentality¬†rather than feel the regretful ache that comes with the realization that we failed to take them in when we had the chance.

It’s a reminder that what seems like the world right now may only be a prelude to something even grander.

Wish you were here,



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