As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, this blog is called Live Your Verb. It’s right there in the title so that even if you miss everything else, you’ll definitely see that message.

I want to tell you what it means, because it will change your life. It changed mine.

But, first, I need you to make a little space for it. I need you to…

Stop thinking everything you’ve been thinking.

You’re wrong.

Live Your Verb BeholdThis life is not just a thing. This life and everything in it are not just happening to you. You are not simply existing in some centrifuge while births and deaths, jobs and vacations, summer flings and broken hearts, surprises and lulls happen all around you, happen to you. This life is not something meant to just be survived or overcome, and it’s certainly not something that you are supposed to be grateful for only in fleeting, overjoyed moments.

Life is so much more than that. You are so much more than that.

You are the force that makes everything happen or not happen. You are here, holding the power to create, love, laugh, taste, learn every day. You are also holding the power to do a lot of other, more negative things, or to simply do no-things. Which many of you are doing.

This Moment Is Your Life QuoteStop doing nothing. Start doing something. Better yet, start doing everything. This is your one and only life on this earth, with this body, in this place and time. This moment, right now, is your life. Every moment is your life. And in every moment you make a choice whether to live it the way you want to, to make it into something, to make it into your thing, to actively live it. Or, you make a choice to just… keep doing what you’ve been doing. Which is to believe that life is just a noun, that you are just a noun. Which is so wrong.

Start to Live Your Verb. Here’s what it means:

Have you heard the term life force? It is that which gives something vitality or strength. It is the spirit or energy that animates a living creature.

Active Force QuoteTo Live Your Verb is to be that driving force in your own life.

Be an active, willing participant in your life. Live it rather than simply exist. Get moving. 

This is your one and only life on this earth. Let that knowledge seep down to the marrow of your bones so it can propel you to experience and absorb all you can, give and receive all you can. This is it, this is all you get. Don’t you want to do something with it? Don’t you want to do all you can? Don’t you want to take action? 

Yes. Yes, you do. I thought so. Create your life. Live Your Verb.

Get started right here. <—Coming soon!