Lis About Me

Hi. I’m Melissa, or Lis for short.

This is my blog, and it’s the thing I’m most proud of. It looks like a website (yep, it’s supposed to look like one) but it’s not just a website.

It’s been the catalyst for all the best things in my life, things that I made happen because of this blog. I transitioned into my dream career and increased my salary by 68%. I stopped surrounding myself with people who brought me down. I got the guts to leave an unfulfilling life and start a new life in a new state. I started a relationship with someone who lets me know I am appreciated every single day. I got happy. Like, real happy. Sort of ridiculously happy, even.

I also started making the most out of my life, digging in and really living it. I learned how to cook, paddle board, drive a jet ski, speak Italian, bottle wine, travel alone – and how not to ride a horse.

And I did it all based on the big idea of Live Your Verb, a mantra I created for myself when I felt like my life had strayed far from the path I wanted to be on.

I want to share that same idea with you, so that you too believe that extraordinary things happen. Your whole life can be an extraordinary thing, in fact.

So who am I, other than a blogger? 

A bit of a hippie and a dreamer. A dancer, paddle boarder, bookworm, foodie. A person of multitudes, as Walt Whitman would say.

And most of all, a person who hopes great things for the world and everyone in it. That includes you, by the way…

Why should you listen to me?

I don’t have any fancy certifications, I haven’t written a bestseller (yet) and I haven’t done a TED Talk. I certainly don’t know everything, nor will I pretend to.

I am someone who has lost the path and found it again, who has loved and grieved and questioned and quit. I am someone who has a few ideas and mantras that work for me, that help me to learn and live the best I can each and every day. And I am someone who thinks it’s silly and selfish to learn anything in this life if we aren’t willing to share it – so I want to share what I learn with you.

That’s it. There is no grand motive other than to fling the best ideas I come across out onto the wind, so you too can find the same hope and inspiration, love and happiness.

Am I going to talk about verbs all the time? Is this going to feel like a grammar lesson? 

For starters, I am a native Californian, which means I say things like “dude” and “stoked.” A lot. So you’re in the clear on that impending-doom-of-grammar-lectures thing.

I do have a kooky obsession with verbs and I talk about them a lot, but they’re just a metaphor that makes it easier to talk about stuff that most of us have a hard time talking about. Like truth and dopey daydreams and love.

Also, this is cool:

Victoria from Bridges and Balloons, sent me this message in the summer of 2013:

“And do stay brave and inspired. Your dreams are wonderful. Don’t listen to those who are too afraid to live theirs.”